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99% CRAPS: Dice, Casinos, Gambling, Rules, Strategy, History and Etiquette for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

The Red Eye Gamblers are now broadcasting their experiences to educate the beginner and the advanced CRAPS player by sharing their preparations and experiences for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

These two have practiced, studied and played CRAPS for 1000's of hours and tens of 1000's of throws.


Jul 12, 2019

Coming up on our 15th Episode of 99%CRAPS

We start with our Road trip goals

Review Darkside, Regression and Doey-Don’t strategies

Discuss Hardways bets

Bring up playing more fluidly

Talk about the Godfather of Craps

And close with us walking into the Isle of Capri Casino


NOTES for Episode 15



May 8, 2019

Coming up on our 14th Episode of 99%CRAPS

We start with our trip goals and game day strategies

Review some of our favorite casino cities

Discuss casino Routines and Betting Strategies

Give a Blistering Take on “The 5 Count”

Talk some All Tall Small Bonus strategy

And close with our post trip report



Mar 13, 2019

Coming up on Our 13th Episode of 99%CRAPS

We’re back and on the Road to Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

We Start with Our Trip Goals.

Then Begin with Beginner Bets for the Beginner.

We Finally Introduce Probability.

Give our Take on Superstitions and Etiquette.

We Also Talk a Little Don’t Strategy.

Give the Education on...

Jan 23, 2019

Coming up on our 12th episode of 99%CRAPS: 

We’re back!  Holiday break is Over.

And We’re Back on the Road. 

First We run down our Vegas trip, the highs and the lows.

And then get back at it in Lake Charles.


NOTES for Episode 12

Post Vegas

Apologies for Being Late

Heading Out to GNLC

Vegas Recap

PTR The...

Dec 15, 2018

Coming up on our 11th episode of 99%CRAPS: 


We report on a couple of our recent trips.

And mix in a few education segments. 

The Red Eye Gamblers present A Moment in CRAPS History.

This segment – The history of Dice.

And last but not least, we give you a preview of our upcoming Vegas trip.



NOTES for Episode...