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99% CRAPS: Dice, Casinos, Gambling, Rules, Strategy, History and Etiquette for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

The Red Eye Gamblers are now broadcasting their experiences to educate the beginner and the advanced CRAPS player by sharing their preparations and experiences for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

These two have practiced, studied and played CRAPS for 1000's of hours and tens of 1000's of throws.


Aug 22, 2018

Coming up on our lucky number 7th episode of 99%CRAPS: 

We finish up our I-10 gambling trip.

Heading back home through New Orleans, Louisiana and I-10 East.

We look back at the Good, the Bad and the Idiots on our Gulf Coast Casino Trip


NOTES for Episode 7

  • Thank you!!
  • New Orleans trip Report
  • PTR Harrahs Casino
  • Biloxi...

Aug 15, 2018

Coming up on our 6th episode of 99%CRAPS: 

We continue talking about our I-10 gambling trip.

Scouting and reviewing the Red Neck Riviera Casinos.

Moving on to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi.


NOTES for Episode 6:

Post Trip Report Baton Rouge

  • PTR Hollywood Casino
    • Half Craps Table
    • Eliminate Positions
    • #2...

Aug 8, 2018

Coming up on our 5th episode of 99%CRAPS: 

We start talking about our I-10 gambling trip.

We scout and review the Red Neck Riviera Casinos,

starting with Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Day One

  • Start of trip
  • 21 Casinos in 7 days
  • Lake Charles / Baton Rouge
  • Riverboats
  • 2 hour drive vs. Vegas
  • Free Gifts / Comps...

Aug 2, 2018

Coming up on our 4th episode of 99%CRAPS: 

We continue with the rules of CRAPS

Going over Bets placed through the Dealer

And Bets placed through the Stickman

But First we start with Etiquette…


NOTES for Episode 4

Big Fear with craps


  • Players Card
  • Approaching the Table
  • Where are the Dice?
  • Where is the...