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99% CRAPS: Dice, Casinos, Gambling, Rules, Strategy, History and Etiquette for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

The Red Eye Gamblers are now broadcasting their experiences to educate the beginner and the advanced CRAPS player by sharing their preparations and experiences for all CRAPS enthusiasts.

These two have practiced, studied and played CRAPS for 1000's of hours and tens of 1000's of throws.


Nov 7, 2018

Coming up on our 10th episode of 99%CRAPS: 


We start with Bubble CRAPS!

Then discuss CRAPS strategy, theory and results

on our most recent Casino trip.



NOTES for Episode 10

Bubble Craps

  • Great Way to Teach
  • Isle of Capri has em
  • Very Good Way to Practice
  • Do Have to Learn to Bet
  • 2 X Odds
  • It'll take What You Give It
  • Not All Machines Earn Comps
  • How Random is It?
  • Seen Malfunctions


LC Trip

  • Sunday Funday Casino Trip
  • Choppy Table
  • Fatigue
  • GNLC got rid of Bubble CRAPS
  • GNLC Observations
  • 6 & 8 Day
  • Horn Day Too
  • Warm Table
  • Shooter was Saying 7
  • Idiot Late Field Bettor
  • Field Day
  • Horn Betting
  • Good Rolling
  • Broken Rule
  • We survived our Rolling
  • Idiots at the Table
  • Plays in Our Play Book
  • Kept to Our Selves
  • Played For 5 Hours
  • 1st Impression Bet
  • Back to Back Wins
  • Didn't Hedge Properly
  • Same $$ but Different Plays
  • Tipping
  • Different Bets
  • Don't Players Lost
  • Earn It
  • Longer Session
  • Per Person Goal
  • Why us?